Sports Index is a internationally renowned sports trading company that has spent the last several years fine tuning an algorithm that has taken our understanding of sports such as football and basketball into an entirely different league.

Sports Index doesn’t just pick the right selection, we also use our contacts and years of experience to get the optimal price for that selection in the market. This isn’t easy but our technology and understanding allows us to give our clients that all important edge in the market in order to generate winning returns.


Our team of researchers have developed a fanatical, analytical understanding of the sports we trade on.


We don’t bet, we trade. Betting implies luck whilst what we do is use statistical analysis and expert knowledge to place trades in the market that provide consistent winning returns.


Our team of specialists use proven methods and technology to place vast volumes of trades into the sports market at the optimum prices.

Data Analytics

We analyse vast quantities of data with our custom built analytics software, and this provides us with an unrivalled level of expertise across the entire sporting world.

Low Risk

We only risk 2.5% of any clients capital at any one time.

Entry Level

You can open an account with just £2,000 at Sports Index.

Uncorrelated Market

Our market is not linked to any other financial market and therefore we provide safe and secure trading at Sports Index.


Our algorithm has 11 years backtesting on real markets with real money at Sports Index.


We provide our clients with a totally liquid account so that you’re in control of your capital at Sports Index.

Account Manager

You will have a Dedicated Account Manager assigned to you.


Highly customised technology that is constantly evolving with the market.

Our software uses the latest .NET technologies and data science tools to continuously provide more statistical analysis in order for Sports Index to constantly be one step ahead of the game. Our system is run by a team of highly qualified quantitive scientists and computer programers to ensure our win percentage never falls below 81%. We don’t believe in gambling our clients money and our built in fail safes ensure that we never fall below the incredibly high standard we have set across the past few years.



We believe in fairness and a level playing field at Sports Index.

Sports Index has an unrivalled knowledge of sports and global sports markets and because of this we are uniquely placed to spot anything that is detrimental to the basic fairness required in all sports.

Sports Index routinely provide stakeholders such as national associations and governing bodies with any analytical assessments we believe show cause for concern and can affect the fair outcome of a result. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to integrity and we will endeavour to do the same to any markets or sports that we trade in.




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